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Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani Education Grant

Somani Education Grant

The Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani Education Grant was established by Ms. Dimple with the noble intention of honoring the aspirations of Mr. Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani, who envisioned making STEM education accessible to schools and underprivileged children. The grant aims to provide financial support to educational organizations that are committed to implementing robotics and coding programs within schools or other learning environments. The overarching objective is to encourage the integration of robotics and coding education into the standard curriculum and to cultivate students’ proficiency in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.

Commencing in June 2023, the grant will be awarded annually to qualifying organizations dedicated to offering robotics and coding education to children. Any educational institution interested in obtaining information about the Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani Education Grant is encouraged to reach out to the KGS Foundation – Service For All.

Noted below are key points pertaining to Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani Education Grant. 

1.    The Grant is typically awarded to support the purchase of robotics kits, coding tools, software licenses, and training materials necessary for implementing robotics and coding programs. The grants can also cover professional development for educators, curriculum development, and organizing robotics competitions or events.

2.    The Grant may be given to various educational institutions, such as public schools, private schools, charter schools, non-profit or for-profit organizations working with schools. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the grant provider, including geographic location, target audience, or specific goals of the funding opportunity. 

3.    If you wish to apply for this grant, please submit a proposal to The proposal must outline the goals, expected outcomes, budget details, implementation plans, and evaluation methods. You may submit supporting documents to help your application. 

4.    Your application for the grant will be evaluated based on the educational objectives, potential impacts on students’ learning outcomes, innovation in teaching methods, sustainably of the program, and the organization’s capacity to execute robotics and coding curriculum successfully in elementary, middle and high schools. 

5.    Funding amount available to implement robotics and coding education can vary widely based on the scope and scale of the proposed project.

6.    All Grant recipients are required to provide periodic progress reports, financial reports, and program evaluation data to KGS Foundation – Service For All. These reports must show the effective utilization of funds and the achievements of project goals. 

7.    If you are interested in the Vinod Bhanwarlal Somani Education Grant, please understand the key points noted above, tailor your proposal to meet the specific objectives of the grant, and ensure your project aligns with KGS Foundation – Service for All expectations and priorities.

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