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We will implement a model called food banking. Through this program, our vision is to partner with restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and farmers to create food and education support for the underprivileged population to ensure people in need have a greater access to food and education at all times. 

Food drives are a really popular activity among individuals, families, communities and groups within the workplace. It is all about having fun whilst getting involved in the fight against hunger!

KGS Foundation has organized food drives throughout and are open to partnering with individuals and organizations to organize such events throughout the year. We welcome all types of non-perishable food products that everyone should have access to. 

Pillars Of Our Food Banking Model

The Most Needed Food Items


Tips For Holding A Successful Food Drive

Develop a theme – a themed food drive for a special occasion or celebrated day will help with marketing your food drive and add some excitement. Call your nearest KGS Foundation branch – let us know you are planning a food drive and find out what we need most. Set up a collection point – a medium sized box works best, properly identify the boxes and place them in highly visible places that are convenient for people to donate. Promote your food drive – advertise your food drive through whatever means you have available e.g. fliers, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter. Include the dates of the drive and locations of the collection boxes. Arrange for transportation – arrange collection or delivery of the food with the nearest KGS Foundation branch

If You Would Like To Hold A Food Drive

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