One of our essential roles is to raise social awareness regarding the amount of food that goes waste and could otherwise feed many underprivileged individuals in the country.

KGS Foundation creates partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and food businesses to connect their excess food to beneficiaries. In 2024, our vision is to provide restaurants with foil trays in order to pack the UNTOUCHED food from the main buffet to be distributed to the nearest NGO or area with underprivileged individuals. We also provide workshops and training for their staff on reducing their food waste footprint.


More than 850 million people worldwide are suffering from poverty and hunger, which makes hunger one of the most prevailing issues crippling societies today. 90% of the people suffering from hunger and poverty are mainly present in developing countries.

Hunger Affects An Individual In Various Ways:

The increase in the number of people suffering from poverty and hunger in return affects society as a whole. Lack of sufficient nutrition on an individual result in social issues on at communal level. The following cases tend to occur

Crime percentages shall rise as a result of the lack of income

A father would forbid his children from attending their schools which will increase illiteracy.
Forcing kids to work in an early age which will result in depriving them living a normal childhood

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